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by ikodegames in Knowledgebase on March 27, 2019

Hello everyone!

Are you looking to buy the best mobile game source codes in the market? iKodeGames is your best bet. The website is extremely well designed and is pretty much straightforward when it comes to searching for the source codes. Do you have experience with Buildbox? Simple, go to the Buildbox category and start searching for what you need. Buildbox is a programming software that requires 0 coding from your part to start creating mobile games. Buildbox is extremely powerful and it’s really as easy as a powerpoint drag and drop software.

Do you have experience with Unity instead? No problem, go to the Unity category. This is how iKodeGames works. You simply go to the website, look for a particular game that you like, buy it and start reskinning it in order to publish it in the google play/apple store.

Here is the other programming softwares that we also support:

  • Construct 2
  • Android
  • Cocos2D
  • iOS

P.S: We also have an affiliate program where you can promote the products and get 10% commission for each purchase a new user makes and this for a life-time! We have promo banners that you can easily integrate in your website. In other words, start making money without doing anything! 😉


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