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by ikodegames in How To on March 11, 2019

Are you looking to publish mobile games with 0 programming experience?

Buildbox is currently the best software in the market to achieve that. If you are looking to reskin mobile games that you enjoy playing, you can do that with Buildbox in a very short time. From our own experience, Buildbox is now better than Unity because it supports 3D. This means that you can create almost any 3D games with 0 coding experience. Everything is drag and drop inside Buildbox, similar to powerpoint in other words 😉

How to subscribe with Buildbox?

Buildbox’s subscription plan comes as following:

  • Plus: $15/mo
  • Indie: $35/mo
  • Pro: $99/mo

Here is the link for the pricing details: 

How to Reskin with Buildbox?

Now that you have subscribed with Buildbox, how do you actually reskin/publish mobile games? The fastest and easiest way would be to buy ready-2-go templates here in our marketplace ikodegames . Upon buying the mobile game template, you will be getting specific instructions on how to reskin this template. From our own experience, reskinning mobile games is the easiest way for new beginners to start getting into the mobile app industry. Creating games from scratch will get you discouraged, especially if you do not have any experience with reskinning. If you need extra guidance, the Buildbox forums are extremely helpful and active!

What is Buildbox 3D?

As mentioned earlier, Buildbox now supports 3D. You can create any mobile game in 3D but this is still in beta so you will need to be a bit patience before the global release comes out. When subscribing with Buildbox, you immediately have access to Buildbox 3D. We tested it and we can definitely tell you that it’s 100x better than Unity ;)!

Happy week everyone!

The iKodeGames Team

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