4 Things to polish your android game in the Google Play Store!

by ikodegames in How To on March 7, 2019

Let’s get to the main point. You subscribed with Buildbox, you are quite familiar on how to reskin a buildbox game. You are also able to export your Buildbox game to the Google Play Store. What happens next? How do you actually polish your Android game in the Google Play Store?

1- Create a very detailed description of your android game so that you actually rank high when users are searching the Google Play Store. You can include repetitive keywords such as casual, arcade,action,online, shooting, puzzle, casino etc. When you include many keywords in your sentences, this is giving you a good chance to get organic downloads from users.

2- Make sure that you have a high quality icon for your android game. This is extremely important. If it’s ugly, you will push the users away. There is a hundred of graphic designers in Fiverr that can help you with your icon.

3- Create a 30-45 seconds video preview of your game. This makes your game look professional and gives a good impression for the users. You can either hire someone from Fiverr to do the job for you or make the video yourself. At the end of your video, I always recommend adding the “Download on Google Play” Badge. The badge itself makes your video look appealing and interesting.

4- Be original and do not be lazy when creating the screenshots for your game. MockUPhone is a Free online website that generates mock up screenshots. Having high quality screenshots definitely gives confidence to your users. It also shows the users that you are actually caring about the look of your game.

These are simple and easy things to do when you are looking to publish your android game! Make sure to comment below if you like what you are reading. This will encourage us to provide more posts and tips regarding the mobile app business ;)!


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