5 Best Marketplaces to Buy/Sell Mobile App Source Codes

by ikodegames in How To on January 11, 2019

1) iKodeGames 

iKodeGames is currently the best marketplace if you are looking to acquire a mobile app/game source code. The website is extremely well designed and is very user friendly. They sell Buildbox/iOS/Android/Cocos2D/ Unity & Construct 2 mobile app source codes.

Commission for sellers start at 60% and they can make their way up to 85%! Payout for sellers is instant and no minimum withdrawal is required. They have an extremely well designed affiliate program as well! Join them now! 

2) Codester

Codester is a very solid marketplace for mobile apps that has been there for quite a while. The customer service is professional. They also sell wordpress themes and game assets. Commission for sellers start at 70% and there is a minimum withdrawal of $50 before sellers can request the money.

3) Codecanyon

Codecanyon is very popular and has a section dedicated to selling & buying mobile app source codes. They are a very good choice.

4) Game Gorillaz

Game Gorillaz is your typical marketplace. They have a variety of mobile app source codes choice. Their website is user friendly and customer service is great!

5) Chupa Mobile

ChupaMobile is a well known marketplace in the app industry. They have been there from quite a while and they are pretty popular. They offer Reskin services!

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